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Welcome to RiP you now have the chance to be a part of one of the oldest and most powerful of all the guilds on Fury. We have made it threw 4 long and hard years but RiP is not ready to die. We will not go down with out a fight. we made our place in the server threw out all the episode changes and still find our way to the top. Yea some times we may not be #1 in guild ranks but we have the players in the guild that no other guilds have. We house some of the strongest players Fury has to offer. We would like you to be a part of this.

This guild is a PvP base guild 90% of our players stay in PvP as much as they can. We do bosses when ever we feel like and we farm as a team when people need it. We will not allow any beggars in so if you want in for that click the exit button now. We hold all our players to the highest standards and want every one to feel right at home with us. So if you can make RiP your home sign up and lets see what you got to wear the tags of a champ.

Wicked Shaiya
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